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HealthCorps’s Organ Donation Campaign was featured on The Dr. Oz Show on American television in December 2016.

Philanthropist and businessman Sudhir Choudhrie discussed his living-saving heart transplant, which was performed by HealthCorps founder Dr. Oz, in 1999. He detailed the story of his struggle with heart disease and recovery following the transplant.

HealthCorps Coordinator Elizabeth Gass and three students from The High School of Fashion Industries in New York were also featured on the show, discussing the importance of their campaign to promote organ donation. A single organ donor can save up to eight lives and, within six months of  the campaign’s launch, more than 27,500 people had signed up to the organ donor register, potentially saving more than 221,000 lives.



“ Charity does not prevent death, but it does prevent dying while you are alive ”.


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