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In 2017, we supported a special exhibition commemorating the 50th anniversary of the world’s first heart transplant at the Science Museum in London – an organization committed to igniting the curiosity of tomorrow’s scientists and engineers.

3 December 2017 was the 50th anniversary of the world’s first successful heart transplant. Performed by Christaan Barnard, 54-year-old Louis Washkansky received 25-year-old Denise Darvall’s heart, following a road traffic accident. Even though Washkansky died 18 days after he received the transplant, his surgery was considered a success and the operation opened the door to this life-changing procedure.

Building bridges between the past and present, the anniversary display at the Science Museum compared and contrasted the first human heart transplant with the contemporary operation of today.

While the operation itself has not changed radically, heart transplant recipients are living longer than ever before, partly as a result of life-long medication. Transplanting a human heart is a remarkable achievement and the 12 month exhibit celebrated that from the patient’s perspective.

Science Museum, London

In 2017, the Science Museum in London - an organization committed to igniting the curiosity of tomorrow's scientists and engineers - commemorated a medical milestone with the opening of a special exhibit.

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Brigham Women’s Hospital

Our support to the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, has funded a research project focused on understanding the mechanism behind dilated cardiomyopathy.

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HealthCorps is an American national health and wellness nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz, which launched a campaign to sign up 62,500 new organ donors to save 500,000 lives.

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University of Oxford

Green Templeton College is part of Oxford University and is dedicated to providing the highest standards of education specifically for graduates.  

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Columbia University

The Columbia University Medical Center's mission is to provide world-class leadership in scientific and biomedical research, health and medical education and patient care. 

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